Biochemistry (B.S.)

By combining studies in the biology and chemistry departments, your biochemistry degree from Ithaca will provide a strong foundation for graduate or professional school or for a career in business or industry. The biochemistry program will prepare you to pursue advanced study in molecular biology, biochemistry, genomics, environmental toxicology, medicinal chemistry, public health, or another field. Your health-related professional options will include medicine, dentistry, optometry, or veterinary medicine. Recent graduates have also found jobs in biotechnology and the pharmaceutical industry.

Your first two years in the biochemistry program lay a strong foundation in both biology and chemistry. Specialization begins in your junior year with courses in biochemistry, cell biology, and physical chemistry. During your senior year, you'll take at least one advanced elective in biology or chemistry, and you'll also enroll in Current Topics in Biochemistry. Typically, students who complete the interdisciplinary biochemistry program plan to pursue a graduate degree in medicine or in another health-related field.

As in our chemistry and biology programs, the emphasis is on hands-on research, working in close collaboration with faculty in their labs. You'll also get experience in the technical literature of the profession and the presentation of research results -- valuable skills for any career in science.