Standing in a meadow, one woman points out a plant to her professor while a second woman records in a notebook.
Hands-On Biology Experience
In the laboratory and in the field, our students learn science by doing science.
Discover our many research experiences

Welcome to Ithaca College Biology!

During an Ithaca College career in biology, our majors:

  • Participate in active learning, with small class sizes and extensive laboratory experiences
  • Build relationships with faculty members, who mentor in and out of the classroom
  • Gain research skills and experience working with faculty in collaborative research
  • Join a vibrant peer community
  • Prepare for success in a broad array of biological careers!

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Biology Education B.A. - Final entry term: Fall 2021 

Learn about IC’s “Teach in 5” program. (IC students already enrolled in the Biology Education major will be supported through completion of their degree. For degree requirements, please refer to the Ithaca College catalog for the year in which you declared this major.)

Contact Us

Jean Hardwick, Chair

Nancy Pierce, Administrative Assistant

Jessica Kerns, Laboratory Coordinator

Department Office: Center for Natural Sciences (CNS) 162

Laboratory Prep Room: CNS 177 (607-274-3973)

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