Economics (B.A.)

In the last twenty years the global community has seen many dramatic changes including structural transformation in globalization, economic crisis, and increased attention to the economic dimensions of social justice issues. Climate change, inequality, health care, and global poverty and other pressing issues of the 21st century all demand our attention.  In our department we use modern quantitative methods and historical frameworks to consider these pressing issues as well as important historical episodes and theories in the discipline. 

Explore the Economics Department at IC

Learn more about our faculty and staff, notable alumni, internships, and the IC chapter of Omicron Delta Epsilon, the international economics honor society. 

A Hands-on Approach

The Department of Economics at Ithaca College blends economic theory with practical applications in the classroom. In addition, we are all committed to fostering close advising relationship for everyone – from the day they join the major until years after graduation.

All of our courses use active learning and inclusive practices to engage all of our students. Some courses have collaborative activities that stimulate creative solutions to economic problems. Others use simulations that require students to make decisions about their own corporation.   Our goal is to make students active participants in the learning process. Internships both on and off campus are another way to acquire practical experience. In addition, economics majors and minors often work with other students through tutoring or in some cases assisting instructors with research or teaching.

STEM Designation

In recognition of our high quality and analytic approach our BA program earned a STEM Designation from the US Department of Education. With the BA in Economics, international students in the United States on F-1 visas will be eligible to work for three years in the US.