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In the last twenty years the global community has seen many dramatic changes including structural transformation in terms of technology and globalization, multiple economic crisis, and increased attention to the economic dimensions of social justice issues. Climate change, inequality, health care, and global poverty and other pressing issues of the 21st century all demand our attention.  In our department we use modern quantitative methods, historical frameworks, and pluralistic approaches to theory to consider these pressing issues as well as important historical episodes and debates within the discipline. 

Our program is STEM certified by the U.S. Department of Education, which certifies our analytical approach and quantitative skill building. It also conveys some post-graduate employment visa benefits for international students on F1 visas. 

Career Booster

Students majoring in economics typically find themselves in an advantageous position upon graduation. Because of its emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving, economics is an excellent undergraduate major for those considering a variety of professions. Many of our students choose to work immediately and find interest work in government, data analysis, community research,  consulting, and financial management. Our alumni have also gone on to graduate school in economics, data science, and law and global affairs. 

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Shaianne Osterreich, Chair
Penny Bogardus, Administrative Assistant

Office: 424 Muller Faculty Center; Phone: 607-274-3303