Education Studies B.A.

We are pleased to offer the Education Studies major, which takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the field of education. The primary purpose of this major is to introduce students to the broader field of education studies including, but not limited to, methods of research and inquiry in our field, meaningful educational endeavors that take place outside of the traditional K-12 classroom, and education beyond New York state and the United States. The major is also of value and interest to students with the goal of becoming an elementary school teacher; in particular, students may enroll in this major in anticipation of completing the M.S. in Childhood Education through the Teach in Five pathway.

The interdisciplinary major in Education Studies is grounded in our department’s commitment to equity and social justice and prepares students to be “creative, culturally competent, critically reflective graduates who possess deep knowledge in their fields of study and work collaboratively to achieve high quality education for all” (Department of Education Vision Statement). The major consists of three curricular categories: Required Education Courses, Education Department Electives, and Education Studies Electives. The major is structured such that students take 14 credits of named required courses, as well as a minimum of 24 elective credits, at least 12 of which must have the subject code EDUC prefix (with at least 3 credits at the 300-level or above), and an additional minimum of 12 elective credits of courses (at least 3 credits at the 300-level or above) that: a) have the subject code EDUC prefix, or b) the CSCR prefix, or c) have an Education Studies Elective (ESE) attribute. This structure is highly flexible and manageable, which allows students to pursue multiple minors or a double major in order to craft their ideal undergraduate experience.