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We believe that true excellence in education requires a commitment to equity and social justice. Thus, we strive to prepare creative, culturally competent, critically reflective graduates who possess deep knowledge in their fields of study and work collaboratively to achieve high quality education for all.
Students work together in groups during Intro to Pedagogy class.
Teacher Education
Ithaca College's School of Humanities and Sciences offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in teacher education.
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Education without social action is a one-sided value because it has no true power potential. Social action without education is a weak expression of pure energy.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

If who we are tells something about where we have been, then how we teach tells something about where we want to go.

Ushma Shah


General Departmental Questions
Kimberly Wojtanik, Administrative Assistant • 607-274-5106

Questions about Undergraduate Programs in Education and the Education Studies Minor
Dr. Sara Levy, Chair, Education Department • 607-274-3608

Questions about Graduate Programs (Adolescence Education, Agriculture Education, and Childhood Education)
Dr. Peter Martin, Chair of Graduate Studies in Education • 607-274-1076

Questions about Field Experience
Kimberly Slusser, Field Experience Coordinator • 607-274-7356

Questions about Teacher Certification
Sarah House, Teacher Certification Specialist • 607-274-1488

Questions about Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs at IC
Mai An Rumney, Accreditation Coordinator • 607-274-5163