Exercise Science (B.S.)

Whether you plan to go directly to graduate school or work in an exercise-related field upon graduation, our exercise science degree will provide you with the strong science foundation necessary for future success. Our flexible, broad-based program combines major courses with a large number of electives. You will be able to customize your degree to your interests, by selecting one of three concentrations (medical sciences, sport sciences, or strength and conditioning). You have the option to also focus on a minor. Aligned with Ithaca College's liberal arts tradition, you will also take classes in other disciplines: creative arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences.

Our exercise science courses emphasize current research as well as its practical application. Practical application occurs in several on campus clinics and labs as well as opportunities for off campus fieldwork or internships. Our professors often collaborate with their students in meaningful research projects; in fact, students frequently present their findings at professional conferences sponsored by such organizations as the American College of Sports Medicine.