Through the theory and practical application of exercise science principles, the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences prepares students to address growing societal concerns about -- and interest in -- fitness, wellness, sport, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. We accomplish this mission by offering two majors:

  • Athletic training: This accredited academic major emphasizes the prevention, evaluation, care, management and rehabilitation of athletic injuries; it therefore addresses the national need for better health care of athletes and the physically active. Certified athletic trainers work under the direction of physicians in many settings, including high schools, colleges and universities, professional and Olympic sports, hospitals, fitness centers, the military, performing arts, industry, and sports medicine clinics.

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  • Exercise science: This major gives students a theoretical understanding of the physiological, neuromuscular, psychological, and biomechanical effects of exercise stress on the human body. Graduates are well positioned to pursue advanced study in these areas, as well as in medicine and allied health, or to use their knowledge to interpret scientific information on physical activity for the lay public through such means as educational forums (such as website development, public speaking, fitness/wellness seminars, public health initiatives), journalism or writing, or sales (including medical equipment or pharmaceuticals). This major offers four different concentrations including Clinical Exercise and Wellness, Medical Sciences, Sport Sciences, and Strength and Conditioning. 

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IC Expert: When Soreness is a Good Sign

Featuring Tom Swensen, Professor and Chair, Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences

Clinical Exercise Science & the Wellness Clinic

Learn how Ian Shaw ‘14 used Ithaca College’s Wellness Clinic to enhance his bachelor’s degree using field experience in clinical exercise science.


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