Physics-Engineering 3-2

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers qualified students the opportunity to receive two bachelor’s degrees, one from Ithaca College and one from an appropriate school of engineering. Students who are interested in this program complete all the requirements for either the Physics B.S. or the Applied Physics B.S. degree in three years, and apply to transfer to the appropriate engineering school for two more years to complete a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

Institutions that our past graduates in the 3-2 program have attended include Cornell University, Clarkson University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, or the State University of New York at Binghamton. Attending other institutions is also possible.

Students in the 3-2 program excel thanks to small classes and individual attention from faculty members at Ithaca; when you move on to the second phase of the program, you will be well prepared for the rigors of an engineering curriculum. Our students have participated in a wide range of research and development fieldwork, including working with students at Cornell to design, build, and compete in a Formula SAE race car.

At the end of Ithaca's 3-2 program you will be ready to pursue graduate education at the nation's top engineering schools, or take a job alongside other IC alums at Intel, Agilent Technologies, and other engineering powerhouses around the world. One recent grad is reaching even further, helping to engineer a probe that will visit Jupiter's moons!