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Sophomore Antara Sen researched asteroid 101955 Bennu with NASA throughout the spring and summer. Pictured is a region of Bennu close to its north pole, showing the day and night sides of the asteroid.   COURTESY OF NASA AND ANTARA SEN, PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY ASH BAILOT/THE ITHACAN
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Antara Sen, '22, conducted research with NASA which was featured in The Ithacan. Photo courtesy of NASA and Antara Sen.

Physics Teacher Education B.A. - Final entry term: Fall 2021 

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Antara Sen ’22 and Professor Beth Ellen Clark Joseph
Antara Sen & Beth Ellen Clark Joseph
On a NASA mission, Antara Sen ’22 and Professor Beth Ellen Clark Joseph set national research and lifelong friendship into motion.
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Jamie Woodworth
Jamie Woodworth
Mathematics and Physics
It all adds up: Jamie Woodworth makes the grade on a notoriously challenging international mathematics competition.
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Professor Beth Ellen Clark holds a model of the asteroid Bennu.
Beth Ellen Clark Joseph
Chair, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
How worried should future earthlings be about Asteroid 101955 Bennu? Professor Beth Ellen Clark Joseph is leading a team to find out.
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