Psychology (B.A.)

Recent advances in our scientific understanding of the brain and a long tradition of studying behavior make psychology an especially interesting field. Psychologists of the 21st century combine technology, behavioral studies, and neuroscience to help us understand thought and behavior.

Our psychology department offers you two different ways to approach the field. In our B.A. program you will enrich your coursework by participating in an intensive, three-semester team research project. Guided by faculty members, our teams have studied mental health, social judgments, humor, cross-cultural development, neural activity, human motivation, infant perception, and the effects of the media. Or you may decide to choose our B.S. degree in applied psychology, an interdisciplinary blend of psychology, economics, business, and communication courses. The B.S. offers the opportunity for extensive experiential learning that prepares you for careers in organizational psychology, business, and other fields.

Minors in psychology and neuroscience are also available at the College. All advanced classes take place in our modern facility, which houses 10 laboratories and offers specialized equipment and the newest computers.

Our students have gone on to medical school and graduate schools such as Columbia, Harvard, NYU, University of Michigan, and Syracuse University; others have pursued careers in marketing, law, banking, teaching, investment, and many other areas.