The Department of Psychology offers students the chance to learn by doing.

Through a variety of activities, students learn to approach the study of behavior scientifically. They develop an understanding of how psychologists do research and how that research contributes to our understanding of human and animal behavior.

As a result, our students are prepared for a wealth of career options. In addition to going to graduate school for positions as psychologists, counselors, and social workers, our alumni find jobs in many other fields including education, finance, management, and law.

The department offers two majors and a psychology minor. It also participates in the interdisciplinary minors in counseling and in neuroscience.


Before graduation many of our students take advantage of the department's internship opportunities in schools, mental health centers, and other institutions. Through these internships students not only apply the theory they've learned in the classroom but they also gain practical experience that is invaluable for their future careers.

Work with Faculty

There are approximately 250 psychology majors and 125 psychology minors. They are taught by a faculty that includes 14 full-time professors.

The psychology department faculty members have a diverse set of research interests. Faculty expertise includes training in clinical, counseling, developmental, experimental, cognitive, neuroscience, educational, industrial/organizational, statistics, and social psychology. All psychology majors receive close contact with faculty members through our unique research team program. In this program faculty members work with groups of students and a conduct programmatic research in areas such as motivation, emotion, media effects, social judgment, neuroscience, mental health, educational psychology, and humor. This close collaboration and practical experience prepares students for graduate training and can also increase employment opportunities for students after graduation.

Students can also engage in independent research. Faculty members routinely work one-on-one with students who wish to conduct independent research or honors research. Visit our research page for examples of student-led projects.

Student Accomplishments

Psychology students regularly attend conferences where they present the results of their own research. Over the years, students have presented their work at forums such as the American Psychological Association and American Psychological Society conventions, the Eastern Colleges Science Conference, the Eastern Psychological Association, and the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. Click here for some examples of student accomplishments.

Many of our students go on to graduate school in psychology or related disciplines. For information about graduate programs, see

American Psychological Association, on applying to graduate programs

Developmental Psychology Programs

Social and Personality Psychology Programs

Psychology Experiments

Students and faculty conduct a number of research studies each semester. If you are interested in participating, you can sign up online. Most studies take place in laboratories on campus, but some may be available online.

Explore our current studies.


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