Reporter at KITV Honolulu, HI

When Eddie Dowd ‘16 arrived at Ithaca College as a transfer student, he decided to make up for lost time. Within weeks, he threw himself into the very opportunity that had drawn him to Ithaca College in the first place -- ICTV.

Dowd began his ICTV career as an Assistant Producer on Newswatch. It was only a semester before he became a reporter, a role he retained for the rest of his time at the college. Now a reporter for Nebraska’s KNOP-TV, Dowd said his experience at ICTV shaped his path for on air reporting.

“Being a reporter for three years at Ithaca allowed me to figure out if that was something I really wanted to pursue.”

In addition to working on Newswatch, Dowd reported for WICB News and ICTV’s political commentary show On The Hill. Dowd said these opportunities gave him the experience he needed to pursue journalism in the real world.

“It forced me to get outside the campus and do reporting in the community like what a real reporter would do.”

While he credits most of his undergraduate experience in journalism to ICTV, Dowd said one of the greatest things about the college’s journalism department was the individualized support he received from his professors.

“Peter Johanns and Anthony Adornato -- both of them taught me everything I know. They taught me how my hair should be, how I should talk.  I wouldn't be here without them. They really made me decide, ‘this is something I want to do’.”

As graduation approached, Dowd had no doubts about wanting to pursue a career in broadcast journalism. However, like many college seniors, he had yet to line up a job for after graduation. So, he decided to face his future head on. In the months following graduation, he spent every day applying to broadcast positions all over the country.

His first job offer was for a broadcast reporter position at Nebraska’s KNOP-TV. Sick of living at home, and hoping to get on air as soon as possible, he took it.

Every day, Dowd produces the 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00 p.m. news. His work days can range from 6-14 hours, depending on the day’s news.

Dowd said working for KNOP-TV has allowed him room for growth in terms of his reporting skills.

“It is a stepping stone,” he said. “I’ve been able to learn and make mistakes. So, now that I’m almost at 2 years here, I’m kind of ready to look for my next jump.”