The Journalism Experience is...

It all starts when you start – on Day One of your journey as a journalism major at Ithaca College.

You see, we don’t believe in making students wait until they’ve taken certain classes, or reached a certain class level, before they can be the journalist they want to be. The day you start your career as a journalism student at Ithaca College is the day you start your career as a journalist. As a matter of fact, we’ve even had some students start working for our campus media outlets the summer before they arrive on campus!

Why Choose Ithaca College Journalism?

When students are looking at colleges, and deciding which one to choose, they often ask, “What can I do during my time there?”  Well, as it relates to the journalism program at Ithaca College – the answer is, “A LOT!” The journalism degree balances the traditional journalistic skills with new ways of news gathering, news distribution, and audience engagement.  It addresses media history, ethics, economics, media ownership, globalization, public affairs, public policy and cultural diversity. As a journalism major at Ithaca College, you'll learn to research and report stories across all media platforms including digital/mobile, broadcast, and print. Our students get immediate exposure to traditional media outlets as well as insights into the burgeoning areas of independent and entrepreneurial journalism through internships, guest speakers, and our own Park Center for Independent Media.

Join our Student-Operated Media

Your Ithaca College journalism experience is more than just classes and class projects, however. Ithaca College doesn’t have traditional Greek organizations like fraternities and sororities. Instead, students rush the various campus media outlets like: The IthacanICTVWICB/VIC and more. And, in case you’re wondering, YES, you can do more than one!

Study Beyond South Hill

Your educational experience is not limited to our scenic South Hill Campus. Ithaca College has campuses in New York City, Los Angeles and London. And that’s just for starters. Every year, more than 500 students participate in our study abroad program.
Read about Professor Adornato and IC students in Urbino, Italy.

Make Your Degree Your Own

Another question that many students ask when they’re looking to choose a school and program is, “what can I do with my degree?”  Now, let’s be honest, what a lot of folks are asking is, “what’s the return on my investment?” A college education is expensive, and you want to know that you’re getting your money’s worth.

In order for us to answer this question, we would ask you a question, “what do you want to do with your degree?”  Some say they want to go into print media. It’s important to note that there are very few “print-only” media out there. In the digital age, even the most traditional print media are really multimedia. But if you’re thinking that you’d like to get into newspapers, have you heard of The New York Times?  Yes, there are several IC Journalism Alumni there: Jill Agostino, Nick Corasaniti, and Isabella Grullon-Paz. And not all of the IC Alumni are on the writing side of the paper – as evidenced by Adam Ellick: Director and Producer of Opinion Video at the New York Times.

What about magazines?  Do you know someone who’s a golfer? Ever wonder what to get them for Christmas? Ask Brittany Romano who writes for Golf Digest!  Brittany Smith is a Senior Digital Editor at Men’s Journal. Byard Duncan  is an Engagement Reporter at Reveal News. And then there’s Sierra Guardiola who writes for Hudson Valley Magazine.

Maybe you’re looking to get into TV News. ABC’s top-rated network newscast is anchored by a Park School grad,  David Muir. Viewers in the Boston area might recognize Natalie Rubino. For those of you in Vermont and New Hampshire, you might see Tom Garris at NBC in Burlington. If you’re in Cedar Rapids, Iowa – keep an eye out for Emily Chavez. For folks in Ohio, you can catch two IC Alums: Ciara Lucas in Columbus and Tiarra Braddock in Cleveland. Heading south – Angela Kim is in Chattanooga. A little farther to the south, Mia O’ Brien is covering sports in Jacksonville, and Jaysha Patel is in the Gulf Coast.

And it’s not all about folks who are in front of the camera. Bethany George was part of an Emmy Award winning documentary production team at CNN. Michael Pyskaty is a Planning Editor at Spectrum NY1. Justin Rouzier is a Broadcast Associate at the MLB Network. Nick Fustor is the Community Relations Coordinator for WWE. Eric Sherling is CNN’s Senior Vice President of Washington and Special Events Programming. Kyle Stewart is with NBC News’ Washington Bureau. Dustin Albino covers NASCAR for Frontstretch and writes children’s books! Speaking of authors, there’s Jeff Selingo – who’s written two New York Times bestsellers!

Maybe you’re thinking you’d like to pursue a career in radio. We’ve got IC Alums at NPR affiliates throughout the country. Sara McCloskey’s at VPM in Richmond, VA; Callum Borders and Meagan McGinnes are at WBUR in Boston,  Hannah Breisinger is at WHQR in Wilmington, NC, and Elma Gonzalez Lima Brandao is at KPBS in San Diego.

We could go on for quite some time regaling you with the names of our alumni and the places where they’re working. We won’t do that. If you’d like to see more, please go to our Alumni Page.

One thing we will do before we sign off is to tell you one more thing about a journalism degree from Ithaca College. Some of our journalism graduates aren’t working in journalism, per se. Many, like Sydney Normil, leave the hallowed halls of Park and head off to law school. Tanya Hutchins worked in news for many years, now she’s the Communications Representative for the International Association of Machinists. Many of our graduates have gone on to get graduate degrees and are now working in higher education, like  Alyssa Orlando, who is the Senior Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions at Bentley College. And then there’s Max Gordon, who’s a personal trainer. Now you may wonder how a degree in journalism prepares you for a career as a personal trainer. Well, here’s what Max had to say,

“What the Journalism program did for me, [in terms of] getting me ready to run my own business in the field of health and fitness is absolutely phenomenal.” 

Max added that understanding how to run a website and social media, write articles for newspapers or blogs, and shoot and edit online are all important to running a business. 

So,  in response to the questions “what can you do during your time at Ithaca College?” and “what can you do with a journalism degree from Ithaca College?” – our answer is this, “EVERYTHING!”


James Rada, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Chair
Ithaca College Journalism Department
953 Danby Road, Ithaca, NY 14850