I. F. Stone Hall of Fame

Membership in the I. F. Stone Hall of Fame is given to journalists who regularly produce groundbreaking stories on the most important issues of the day, especially stories ignored or downplayed in mainstream news media. To qualify for the Hall of Fame, journalists need to have won the annual Izzy Award and have continued to produce content that would qualify them to win it again and again. This occasional honor is reserved for the greatest and most productive journalists of our era . . . the new generation of Izzy Stones.

In 2016, Amy Goodman, executive producer and host of Democracy Now!, who received the very first Izzy Award with Glenn Greenwald, was inducted.

In 2014, inaugural members Glenn Greenwald, who with Amy Goodman received the very first Izzy Award, and Jeremy Scahill, who received the second Izzy Award, were inducted.

Hall of Fame Members

2016: Amy Goodman

2014: Glenn Greenwald

2014: Jeremy Scahill