Cody Acquista

Cody Acquista Headshot

I have been soaking up everything I can here at Ithaca, and I have loved every second of it. This semester I joined the design team for The Ithacan, became a production assistant for the ICTV show, Roommate Rumble, and am in the process of pitching a new comedy show for the ICTV network. I’m also a member of Tap Club.

I value originality. In high school during the pandemic, I worked hard to create opportunities for classmates that broke the mold on the “status quo” of what we perceive as live art. This ranged from Zoom sketch comedy to a drive-thru play. I'm finding expression for these passions as I study screenwriting. This semester, several Park Scholars and I work with A Plus, an arts enrichment program for students at Beverly J Martin Elementary School. There I help young artists to develop their creative individual style. I want to continue to cultivate unrepresented artistic voices across the Ithaca community. I am just getting started and am beyond grateful for the experiences and connections I have already made at Ithaca College and The Park Scholar Program.