What do current Park Scholars say being a Park Scholar means to them?

“The Park Scholar Program immediately inspired me to continue to serve others through the power of communications and immersed me in opportunities to do so. I have felt so much joy in service, and this joy has led me to help my classmates with their own creative media projects.”

"Being a Park Scholar has meant a great deal to me—it continues to challenge me to think outside the box about what my purpose is and how I will impact the communities I most care about, [and] it opens my mind to new and diverse stories.”

“Being a first-generation college student, the Park Scholar Program affords me opportunities to share my passions for service and media creation with the world and to learn with talented media creators in the vibrant Ithaca community. I am grateful for these gifts. This program makes so many things possible.”

“Being a Park Scholar means having the opportunity to interact with a variety of different communities and learn more about the world. I've had the chance to volunteer at a juvenile prison and for an organization that empowers incarcerated journalists, as well as study abroad in Costa Rica.”

“Being a Park Scholar allows me the chance to grow through making meaningful connections and having an impact on the world, to be part of a community in which we constantly inspire each other to collaborate and combine our talents to build a better tomorrow.”

“Being a Park Scholar has been such a meaningful part of my time at IC. I’m so grateful for all the opportunities, friendships and memories the program has offered me.”

“Being a Park Scholar has connected me to the Ithaca community. Service opportunities have enabled me to work with remarkable people, including my fellow Park Scholars.”

“I am deeply grateful for the community the Park Scholar Program has created. Within our community, everyone builds each other up and sets an example of what it means to be a dedicated student and responsible community member.”

“Being part of the Park Scholar Program, I have met the most amazing people. It is no exaggeration when I say that I feel inspired every day.”

“I am proud to be an active member of such a wonderful community full of people who truly care about each other and about giving back to others.”

“The Park Scholar Program has given me the chance to grow. It is a supportive community, both academically and personally.”

“Being a Park Scholar, for me, is about freedom. Through this program, I have the freedom to study what I’m passionate about.”

“[Being a Park Scholar means] being a part of something larger than ourselves: a passionate community of scholars who use our education and our work in media to create something new and to shape the world to be more beneficial for those around us.”