Isaac Ensel

Isaac Ensel Headshot

I am a documentarian from Bath, Maine. Last year I volunteered with The Village at Ithaca where I helped create a website for their project, “Our Seats For The Table.” I also co-founded the new ICTV show, IthaTasty, on which I served as the talent, interviewer, and editor. I also filmed a documentary about Caroline, a small town near Ithaca that is split over zoning issues.  

Over the summer, I interned with Tailwind Media, where I edited videos and worked as a PA. I also volunteered to create a documentary for Friends of Seguin Island, a non-profit trying to preserve a lighthouse off the coast of Maine.  

This year, I am the new president of the drone club, an organization that has not been active since before the pandemic. My goal is to use the club to help provide media to other clubs and local organizations that will bring a new perspective to the work created at the Park School — literally. I will also be continuing my work at The Village and as editor and talent on IthaTasty