Ryan Carty

Ithaca is an immense school, it’s a grand adventure around here. I'm Ryan Carty, Park Scholar Class of 2025, and En route to a Film/Visual Arts/Photography BFA within Ithaca College. I am someone who attended Ithaca to learn Animation and Motion Graphics at the college, hopefully being able to captivate viewers with smooth and innovative looks. Before my acceptance to Ithaca, I have been and still am a representative for the NYC’s Opportunity Network Fellows program, a non-profit program on invigorating and assisting within the college and career process for underrepresented communities within the city. The program itself helps with connections to city companies such as Ally Bank, Chase Bank, HBO, etc. Currently, I have been prompted in producing revitalizing motion graphics for Ithaca College’s “Game Over” online program as Assistant Production/Graphic Designer. The Show is seen as ICTV’s One Stop for Gaming and Internet Culture, communities that I am very inspired and intertwined to those identities. In conjunction with this responsibility is my digital connection to the senior population of Ithaca in assisting them with technical issues within the Device Advice Service-Learning Project. I also reside in other programs such as Club Tennis, ICSTRIKE, and Park AD-venue, respectively.