Where do you start?

Imagine the business world, and start to see your place in it. That’s where your first business course comes in. In 2015, a group of IC faculty asked: How can we build the ideal starting point for a business education. The course they built won the 2017 Innovation in Teaching award at the Middle Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration. Since then, hundreds of students have started their business education by taking the World of Business course.

First, the Basics

Learn about a range of businesses and industries, develop professional skills, and find out how the world’s most successful companies strategize and function. A big part of the course is a hands-on simulation where you will work with a team to run a business and put some of these skills into practice. What intrigues you? What are you good at?

Start Your Career Exploration

From your very first day in the course, you will interact with the School’s career specialist. Our award-winning Professions Program is a four-year experience designed to help you explore career options and succeed on the job market. The first workshop happens as part of the World of Business course. 

Find a Mentor

If you’re a business major, your World of Business professor will also be your advisor for your first two years. Your professor will become your mentor and will get to know your ambitions, your talents, and your areas for growth. They’re here to help you begin to design your business education.

Business Pathways

As you read this, you’re likely months away from even starting college. Perhaps you’re not ready to decide just where it’s all going to lead just yet.  That’s fine.  Our “Business Pathways” program is a track for students who are in the School but undecided about their major. Here’s more information.

And if you want to look ahead to the next steps, take a look at the majors and minors that form the next step. 

For Admitted Students

Check out additional information for admitted students and imagine what your life would be like as an Ithaca College business student!