Grow from a student into a professional as you learn all about business in this comprehensive first-year course required for business majors. 

Get an Intro to Industry - Learn about different business realms, professional skills, and find out how the world’s most successful businesses strategize and function. 

Run a Business Simulation - Work with a group in and out of class to run a simulated company, relying on the skills you’ve learned during the course. Together, make decisions about all aspects of the business, from pricing to marketing, and find out how your decisions would play out in the real world.

Work With a Mentor - If you’re a business major, your World of Business professor will also be your advisor for your first two years. They’ll get to know your ambitions, your talents, and your areas for growth, and help you begin to design your career path.

Learn Innovative Lessons - Gain current and future-facing business knowledge, led by expert faculty who won the Middle Atlantic Association of Colleges of Business Administration’s 2017 Innovation in Teaching Award for their work on the course.