Student clinician supporting client with autism

In addition to general speech and language services, we also offer the following specialty clinics:

  • Center for Life Skills at Longview - A comprehensive interdisciplinary program providing therapeutic activities for adults who have experienced a neurological impairment (e.g., stroke).

  • Cognitive Group at Longview - A program for individuals with dementia that incorporates cognitive activities to enhance quality of life and promote cognition, memory, and social functioning.

  • Ithaca College Ready to Expand/Explore All Transition Experiences (ICREATE) - This program provides social communication opportunities and support services for young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

  • Ithaca College Aphasia Network (ICAN) - This program provides communication opportunities and support to people with aphasia.

  • Pre-K Language Enhancement Program - This program facilitates communication in preschool-aged children, at community-based locations, by targeting early literacy and focusing on age-appropriate social language skills.

  • Gender Affirming Voice and Communication - This program provides voice and communication modification therapy to people of all gender expressions.

  • Voice and Swallowing Clinic at Cayuga Ear Nose and Throat Associates-Head and Neck Surgery - This specialty clinic provides diagnostic assessments to adults and children with voice and swallowing disorders.