Voice and Swallowing Clinic

Provide s evaluation of patients with voice and swallowing disorders

This comprehensive diagnostic clinic provides the students the opportunity to work in a medical setting and to interact with physicians. In addition, the clinic exposes them to the use of state of the art technology and the most current evaluation procedures available. These procedures include:

Functional Endoscopic Evaluations of Swallowing (FEES)

A specialized exam that allows direct assessment of swallowing skills.The use of this exam allows the clinician to try compensatory and therapeutic swallowing strategies and to determine their effectiveness.This valuable information helps to determine the dietary management and in turn decreases the probability of aspiration pneumonia. This exam is non-radioactive and therefore is a great alternative to the modified barium swallow study.

Speech pathology graduate clinicians at Ithaca College provide evaluations to patients with voice and swallowing disorders under the supervision of Mary Pitti, M.S., CCC-SLP, a speech pathologist and faculty member at Ithaca College.

The Voice and Swallowing Clinic was established in February 2004 as a collaboration between Dr. Robert N. Strominger, an Otolaryngologist in the Ithaca area and the Sir Alexander Ewing Speech and Hearing Clinic at Ithaca College.