MS-AT Program Details

Ithaca College will offer an accelerated, combined B.S./M.S. dual degree curriculum in a 5-year program that results in students earning both the B.S. in Exercise Science, Pre-Athletic Training and the M.S. in AT Students intending to become certified athletic trainers (ATC) via the Ithaca College professional program in athletic training will enter Ithaca College as Dual Degree majors in the B.S. in Exercise Science, Pre-Athletic Training/M.S. in Athletic Training program as the sole entry point into the five-year professional program. Graduates of the dual degree program will be eligible to take the Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer examination as required by New York State and to apply for professional licensure/certification.

Highlights of the Program 

  • Accelerated 5 year Master’s in Athletic Training Dual Degree Program
    • 4 year Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, Pre-Athletic Training
    • 2 year Master of Science in Athletic Training
    • 4th year counts as last year of BS degree, 1st year of MS degree
    • 1 online summer session
  • Rich, storied program history since 1975 with over 500 alumni working in various healthcare professions and settings
  • Program first time BOC (national exam) pass rate of 99%
  • 12 experienced athletic training faculty in the department, representing almost 200 years of combined clinical experience and 170 years of teaching experience
  • Integrated, evidence-based, clinical reasoning and capability based curriculum derived from best-practices in medical and health professions education
  • Clinical research focus to help you develop meaningful and applicable clinical research findings to enhance patient practice and drive professional expertise
  • Four clinical hands-on practical courses consisting of varied healthcare settings and 4 week clinical immersion component to develop clinical expertise
  • Authentic interprofessional education experiences to develop collaboration acumen and insight

The following degrees are combined to comprise this dual degree program.

B.S., Exercise Science, Pre-Athletic Training (Undergraduate)

Exercise Science Pre-Athletic Training majors must successfully complete all required courses, maintain a 3.0 GPA, and meet all professional program expectations (see Special Academic Status Policy) in order to matriculate into the professional phase of the dual degree and to continue in the program. Students who do not meet the expectations for admission to the professional phase of the dual degree program will be advised into other majors. The fourth year of study will include the final year of undergraduate coursework and the first year of the professional/graduate-level coursework phase of the program. The B.S. portion of the program is completed after four years of study in the five-year combined B.S. Exercise Science, Pre-Athletic Training/ M.S. Athletic Training program and does not provide eligibility for licensure as an athletic trainer.

M.S., Athletic Training (Graduate/Professional)

During the fourth year of the dual degree program, students enter the professional phase of study and will continue into a final full graduate year of study, year 5, consisting of summer, fall and spring semesters including a 4-week full time clinical immersion experience (spring), and an intensive clinical research component. Students completing the full dual degree program will receive a B.S. in Exercise Science, Pre-Athletic Training and an M.S. in Athletic Training and will be eligible for the national certification examination from the Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer. Please reference the Graduate Catalog for more information about the graduate portion of the dual degree program.

Clinical Education

Clinical education is an essential part of professional training, and students must complete four clinical experiences (Practicum in AT I-IV) in preparation for their degree and certification.  Clinical Education sites maintain contractual relationships with Ithaca College, and students are placed in various and diverse clinical sites by the program’s clinical education coordinator well in advance of the beginning of these placements. Students will be assigned to approved clinical sites according to availability and student-curricular need, with all students completing rotations with different populations, opposite gender athletics, and high/low risk sports. Students may be assigned one clinical education rotation off campus to fulfill accreditation requirements, but all such possibilities are within proximity to the Ithaca College campus which will not require different housing arrangements to be made. Students with concerns or limitations related to travel and/or expense should discuss these concerns with program administration, and if necessary, can request to not be assigned off campus for a clinical rotation.

The Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) requires that all clinical experiences be completed within a minimum of two years, at the graduate or professional level of the curriculum, and that a minimum of four weeks is assigned to immersive clinical education (no coursework conducted).  Students must complete all requirements contained within the four clinical Practicum in AT courses in order to complete the program requirements and be eligible for graduation, and the national Board of Certification examination.