Discover & Apply New Knowledge

Perhaps more than anything else, graduate study is about exploration and being on the cutting edge. The graduate faculty at Ithaca College are well prepared to ease a student's transition into the world of research.

Why Research

Most PhD programs highly prefer applicants that have completed a thesis during their master's degree. Utilizing our expert advisors and easily manageable time frame, achieve just that yourself with about any topic you are passionate about.

Why Ithaca College

The level of scholarly achievement by the faculty and students in this program is on par with major doctoral-granting research universities. Students wishing to pursue a research focus will find our outstanding Clinics and Labs, up to date equipment and technology, and most of all, a highly adept faculty. Our track record of getting students into the PhD programs of their choice is near perfect, so if research is your main goal, do not think that we are too small to produce outstanding works!

Get Inspired

Ithaca College's ESSG program has currently produced:

  • 53 faculty published scientific papers, textbooks, and book chapters
  • 15 student published papers and journal articles
  • 100 presentations at national or international meetings, 20 by graduate students


Deborah King
Graduate Program Chair
Department of Exercise Science and Athletic Training
Ithaca College
324 Center for Health Sciences
Ithaca, NY 14850