Where Are They Now?

Curious about where a Master's degree can take you? Explore some of the exceptional careers of our alumni.

SYDNEY MASTERS , Sports Psychology 2017

Picture of Sydney Masters

Mental Skills Coach, Arizona Diamondbacks

Sydney provides mental skills training for MLB athletes as a certified mental performance consultant and specializes in injury & rehabilitation.

CHRIS PIERSON, Human Performance 2018

Pitcure of Chris

Physical Therapy Orthopedic Resident, University of Texas Southwestern.

"I love being a physical therapist because I love working together with other healthcare providers to improve my patients' ability to move."

TESS VAN DER VEEKEN, Human Performance 2014

Picture of Tess at work

Zeal Performance, Co-Owner, Director of Fitness 

"It's called living the dream, or entrepreneurship, where I coach, mentor, do the advertising, mop the floor, and stock the toilet paper." 

"Training the 50-plus population is just like training Olympic athletes; the difference is that their 'Olympic Championship' is golfing without pain, playing with grandkids, coming back from a surgery or thriving in retirement." 

JESSICA FORD, Sport Psychology 2015

Picture of Jess

Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, McDaniel College

"What I enjoy about working at McDaniel College is the sense of community. The small size of the school allows faculty to support students both inside and outside of the classroom (research projects, internships, graduate school advising, etc.)."

ANTHONY SPINELLI, Exercise Physiology 2014

Picture of Anthony

Certified Athletic Trainer, Department of Sports Medicine and Athletic Performance, Cayuga Medical Center

“I get to work with a very deserving population (athletes) and administer complex testing (Cardiopulmonary exercise testing, asthma provocation, spirometry, continuous laryngoscopy with exercise, exertional compartment testing, BikeFits, run/gait analysis, Buffalo protocol concussion treadmill testing and more).  My lab setting is similar to what was offered to me at Ithaca College. The ESS Graduate program definitely set me up for the win! It is fun being a part of the community and helping people achieve their goals.” 

TIM SNYDER, Exercise Physiology 2018

Picture of Tim

Director of Sports Performance and Fitness, Wellesley College

Tim works with Wellesley's sport teams in improving their strength and conditioning and helping to decrease the chance of injury.  Time also oversees the Fitness Center. 

"I love working with our student-athletes to help them perform at the top ability and improve their health!"

Eoghan Trihy, Exercise Physiology 2019

Picture of Eoghan

Ph. D. Candidate and Scholarship Award Winner, Engineering and Movement Science, The University of Western Australia

Eoghan won a prestigeius scholarship from the Australian Government Research Training Program and the Western Australian Institue of Sport.  He is applying computational fluid dynamics research to swimming performance.

RIANA PRYOR, Exercise Phsyiology 2010

Picture of Riana

Assistant Professor, Exercise and Nutrition Science, University of Buffalo and Director of the Hydration, Exercise, and Thermoregulation (HEAT) lab

Riana loves that her research helps keep public safety workers and war fighters healthy in extreme environments so they can continue to keep the public safe.

LUKE PRYOR, Exercise Physiology 2010

Picture of Luke

Associate Director of Elite Athlete Performance, Center for Research and Education in Special Environments, University of Buffalo

Luke enjoys the excitement of discovering new knowledge through research and educating tomorrow’s leaders in the field of exercise and environmental physiology. 

JAMES SCHWBACH, Sport Psychology 2011

Picture of James

Mental Performance Coach, Tampa Bay Rays

"I help my clients notice what’s working and what’s not working in terms of being the athlete/person they want to be. If they are self-aware enough to notice what’s working, they’re much more likely to be consistent in high performance behaviors."


Picture of Kelly Meyer

Industrial Athletic Trainer/Ergonomic Consultant

I work with operators at an aerospace company to prevent injuries in the workplace. I coach proper body mechanics, perform ergonomic assessments of various processes in the shop, provide workstation assessments for office employees, and provide education about various health topics (protein consumption, hydration, portion sizes, micro breaks, etc.). I also lead various pre-work warm up stretch groups with employees before their shift to prepare them for their work day. 
“What I like the most about my job is working with people to eliminate the risk of injury.  I have always emphasized the importance of injury prevention in my work, and now I have a job that entirely focuses on just that.   It’s also great to work with a different population of people and learn how to work through new challenges.”