Anna M. Wainwright 

I graduated from a small high school in Tioga Center, New York, where everyone was family.  I struggled to find similar familial components my freshman year as a Communication Management and Design major.  With guidance from my family, friends, faculty, and staff, I found my new home in the Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education.  The mentorship of Dr. Karen Edwards, Dr. Christina Moylan, and Professor Julie Boles helped me fall in love with healthcare.  Their mentorship also led me to pursue a master’s degree, a path which I will follow next fall as a member of Cornell University’s Sloan Program in Health Administration, Class of 2020.

When I reflect back on the last few years, several moments stick out to me.  However, what I will remember most is the rush of the entire experience.  I will remember not getting enough sleep because of late night group projects (and likely a trip for Mexican food).  I will remember the trials and tribulations of each semester and the sense of accomplishment at the end of each one.  Most of all, I will remember the pride I have to graduate from the Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education.

  • Magna Cum Laude
  • Ithaca Leadership Scholar
  • EMT, Critical Care Technician
  • Patient Care Advocate Team Member
  • Student Manager, Office of Human Resources
  • James J. Whalen Academic Symposium Presenter
  • Operations Intern, Guthrie Robert Packer Hospital
  • Peggy R. Williams Award for Academic and Community Leadership
  • Finance Manager, Ithaca College Association of Health Professionals