Undergraduate Minors

Thinking about declaring a minor? Consider one of the minors offered by the Department of Health Sciences and Public Health.

Complement your major area of study with a focus in aging studies, coaching, health, or nutrition promotion. 

Aging Studies

Knowledge about aging, older adults, and our rapidly aging society is relevant to almost every major area of study. The interdisciplinary minor in Aging Studies at Ithaca College is for students considering careers in the field of aging, those whose future careers may include some contact with older adults, and for students who simply have an interest in learning more about the fastest growing segment of our population. This flexible minor offers opportunities to select courses of interest and complete fieldwork with the aging population. Open to all majors. 


Prepare yourself to coach one or two specific sports with a coaching minor, completing courses such as Philosophy and Principles of Coaching, Health Sciences Applied to Coaching, and a sport-specific coaching seminar. A required fieldwork experience will offer you the opportunity to work directly with a coach and a team. These courses fulfill the requirements for a minor but does not certify you to coach. Coaching certification requirements are established by each state, which can vary, as each state determines which courses count toward certification.  Students are responsible for identifying the coaching requirements in their respective state and submitting required documentation for certification. Open to all majors in all disciplines.


Survey a broad set of health issues impacting individual and population health in the health minor. Following a required 3-credit theoretical framework course, students can take advantage of the flexibility of this minor to study health issues of interest, be it health care systems, health promotion and disease prevention, or an array of health content areas. Open to all majors in all disciplines except public and community health.

Nutrition Promotion

Examine the state of nutrition in the United States systematically and learn more about the depth and breadth of nutrition in society. The nutrition promotion minor provides an introductory level examination of the history, theory and methods of nutrition promotion. Students are given the opportunity to discuss the wide-range of nutritional issues and their relationship to health problems. Students will gain a broad understanding of where nutrition falls within the health care system and how health professions can promote lifelong health through nutritional approaches. Open to all majors in all disciplines except except health sciences – food and nutrition emphasis.


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