Health Sciences Major: Premedical Concentration or Planned Clinical Concentration

Gain a solid scientific foundation for future careers in high demand fields such as medicine, nursing, nutrition, research, and clinical therapies.

The bachelors of science in health sciences is a flexible major designed for students with varied career goals. It prepares students with a solid foundation for work in fields as diverse as allied health, clinical research, medicine, nursing,  nutrition, and therapies that integrate both Eastern and Western healing traditions.

Our major provides a solid preparation for your studies with coursework in the foundational science courses including anatomy & physiology, biology, and chemistry. In addition, you have the option to pursue advanced science courses such as microbiology, biochemistry, genetics, physics, neuroscience, animal sciences, and much more.

Our courses in health give you the knowledge to better understand the many factors that influence people's health outcomes, including issues related to health policy and justice, the significant influence of the social determinants on health, and the critical role of prevention. 

Furthermore, our program emphasizes experiential learning, offering you valuable opportunities to apply your knowledge in real-world settings. Through engaging classes and fieldwork you will enhance your understanding and develop practical skills. 

Mentored research opportunities with faculty and chances to share your research at the Whalen Symposium develop your skills in this important area.  In 2023, our health science majors garnered awards for their presentations on antibiotic resistance in wild mantled howler monkeys and for the implementation of an asthma management program in schools. 

You can customize your studies by selecting from one of the following concentrations: Premedical Concentration or Planned Clinical Concentration.

Premedical Concentration

Best for students planning to attend medical, pharmacy, optometry, chiropractic, or medical imaging graduate school.

Planned Clinical Concentration

Best for students planning to pursue post-baccalaureate education in fields such physician assistant, nursing or nurse practitioner, occupational therapy, or physical therapy careers.

Support for Health Science Careers at Ithaca College

As you know, there are many different pathways to prepare for advanced studies in the health sciences, be it medicine, dentistry, physician assistant or other health care career options. Learn more about the support Ithaca College provides by exploring the pre-health options. There you can familiarize yourself with the different course requirements and academic programs, gain an understanding of application procedures and timelines, and explore frequently asked questions (FAQs).  

You can get involved by registering with the Health Professions Advisory Committee, where you can take part in events and take advantage of faculty expertise in preparing your application for advanced study.  

Our Graduates

The health sciences program prepares you for advanced study or research in many fields. Our graduates have been successful in gaining admission to graduate programs in medicine, physician assistant, nursing, clinical research, genetic counseling, pharmacy studies, clinical nutrition, and dietetics.  Others have pursued studies to become a homeopathic clinician, practitioner of Eastern medicine, or chiropractor.

“I can't even begin to tell you how grateful we are that [our daughter] is at Ithaca. As you know, the Health Science major is challenging, but the support and relationships she has built with her professors has been awesome. I hate to compare it to my oldest daughter's experience at a [state] school, but what a difference!” M.F., Parent


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