Colby D. D’Onofrio 

Growing up in the small town of Bolinas on the Northern Coast of California, Colby found a passion for local food production and agriculture at a young age.  She grew up on a classic California diet of local vegetables, kale, and plant based proteins.  Throughout her childhood, though, she saw the struggles her divorced parents faced to put those nutritious foods on the table, and at times, it was not financially possible.  She learned that not all individuals, families, and communities have equal access to nutritious foods.  As she gained more knowledge throughout high school about social inequalities, Colby came to understand the barriers and gaps that kept some from obtaining the basic right of consistent healthful food.  Upon entering college, she knew she wanted to work face-to-face with people to reduce the impacts of these inequalities.  Food is something that everyone needs and has a relationship with in some way or another.  With this understanding and her passion for agriculture and food justice, Colby knew the Health Sciences major with a nutrition emphasis was the major for her.

The most memorable experience Colby will take with her happened in the Community Nutrition class with Dr. Amy Frith.  Learning about community interventions and how to make dietary changes for individuals and communities sparked the passion she felt as a child on the local farms once again.  This course gave her the confidence to intern with the Youth Farm Project to learn more about agriculture, and discussing social and food justice with youth.

  • 4-year member Ithaca College Varsity Crew Team
  • Dean’s List
  • Inverness Garden Club Scholar
  • Sausalito Woman’s Scholarship Recognition Fund
  • Peer tutor
  • Intern, Youth Farm Project
  • Intern, Ithaca College Dining Services