New York State Black Occupational Therapy Caucus Scholarship

Delores Barksdale Chandler, MA, OTR was a founding member of the New York State Black Occupational Therapy Caucus and served as its first Chairperson from 1975 through 1983. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in occupational Therapy in 1961 and a Master of Arts in 1966 from New York University. Ms. Chandler was very active in the field of mental health. She held the title of Chief Occupational Therapist at Harlem Hospital Center from 1980 through 1982. Ms. Chandler served as a role model for many Black Therapist and Students in the field of occupational therapy. She was active in community outreach programs for occupational therapists. The Delores B. Chandler Scholarship was established to commemorate her commitment to the profession and the community. 

The Delores B. Chandler Scholarship is awarded annually to deserving Black occupational therapy students at the annual Kwanzaa Celebration. To be eligible, the occupational therapy student must have completed two (2) semesters of their occupational therapy program with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and have demonstrated community service. Contact the NYSBOTC or visit their website for further information.