Applying to Ithaca College

Take the next step toward your professional goals by applying today to obtain an occupational therapy degree from Ithaca College

At Ithaca College, you can earn your occupational therapy degree in two ways:

  • Combined bachelor’s/master’s (BSMS) program, where you enter as a first year student, earn your bachelor’s degree after four years, and finish with a master’s degree.
  • Professional Entry Level Master's program, where you enter as a graduate student after earning a bachelor’s degree in another major or at another institution.

Applying to the Bachelor's/Master's Degree

For students entering as a first year undergraduate and remaining five years to complete a master's degree.

Applying to the Professional Entry-Level Master's Degree

For students with a completed undergraduate degree.

Important Application Date

The deadline for applications for the Professional Entry-Level Master's Program is March 31st. Please contact Dr. Amie Germain if you have any questions.