Fieldwork Sequence

Familiarize yourself with fieldwork expectations for each year of the program.

Junior and Senior Year

Junior Year

  • Fall: Level 1 Psychosocial (10 hours)

Senior Year

  • Fall: Level 1 Adult (1 week)
  • Spring: Level 1 Pediatric (1 week) 
Level I Fieldwork

Level I fieldwork experiences are incorporated into academic courses: Individual and Group Work in Health Sciences; Adult Evaluation and Intervention Processes in OT; and Pediatric Evaluation and Intervention Processes in OT.

The Level I psychosocial fieldwork in Individual and Group Work is a 10-hour commitment completed at sites that are easily commutable from Ithaca College. The Level I adult and pediatric fieldworks are a one-week, full-time commitment. Students typically complete this experience close to home, in the Ithaca area, or in an area where they have housing with friends and family.

  • Psychosocial: This fieldwork experience is completed throughout the fall semester of the junior year
  • Adult: This fieldwork experience is completed in the week following fall break of the senior year
  • Pediatric: This fieldwork experience is completed in the week prior to spring break of the senior year

Graduate Year

Summer following senior spring courses 

  • Level II Adult or Pediatric (3 months)

Late spring following graduate courses 

  • Level II Adult or Pediatric (3 months)
Level II Fieldwork

Level II fieldwork occurs following the prerequisite academic courses and must be completed successfully to qualify to take the certification examination for occupational therapists administered by the NBCOT (National Board for the Certification of Occupational Therapists). At completion of Level II fieldwork, students are expected to be functioning as an entry-level therapist.

Three experiences totaling eight months will be completed throughout the program. The pediatric/adolescent and adult/geriatric fieldwork experiences are 6 credits each. The specialty/elective fieldwork is 4 credits. Level II fieldwork is part of the graduate year of the occupational therapy education at Ithaca College. Fieldwork is arranged, by the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, at sites throughout the United States as well as in other countries.

  • Pediatric/adolescent: This fieldwork is a three month experience with a pediatric or adolescent population. Possible sites include hospitals, schools, private practices, and specialized clinics.
  • Adult/geriatric: This fieldwork is a three month experience with an adult or geriatric population. Possible sites include hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, outpatient clinics, and home care settings.
  • The pediatric/adolescent and adult/geriatric fieldwork may be done in any order. Typically, one will take place in the summer following the senior year (late-May to mid-August) and the other in the spring of the graduate year (late-March to mid-June).

Graduate Year Summer

Summer following second Level II fieldwork 

  • Specialty or Elective (2 months) 
Specialty/Elective (optional)

This fieldwork is an optional two month experience in a specialty/elective setting that typically takes place in the summer of the graduate year following the second Level II fieldwork but may take place later. This fieldwork is meant to round out the student's fieldwork experience, offer more specialized training, or provide an opportunity in a non-traditional occupational therapy setting.

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Rita Daly
Academic Fieldwork Coordinator
204 Smiddy Hall
Ithaca College
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