Health Requirements and Drug Tests

Adhere to medical safety requirements.

Health Requirements and Drug Tests

Each fieldwork placement has medical requirements to protect the safety of its patients, employees, and students.

Information on physicals, immunizations, and other required prerequisites are listed in the "Health" and "Background and Drug" sections of the fieldwork database form for each individual site. Students should check the requirements to make sure all specific health requirements are completed before beginning fieldwork. Up-to-date immunizations for MMR, tetanus, Hepatitis B (or signed declination), and an annual PPD test and annual physicals are required for all Ithaca College occupational therapy students completing fieldwork experiences. CPR certification is required for most Level I and Level II fieldwork sites.

Students are responsible to maintain their health insurance and malpractice insurance while at a fieldwork site. Malpractice insurance can be purchased, for a minimal fee per student, through the College.