Selecting a Fieldwork Placement

HSHP Fieldwork Database

There is a shared online database of clinical sites available for review through the HSHP Office of Experiential Learning. Additional information about clinical sites can be found in site folders within the Department of Occupational Therapy. These suitable facilities are located throughout the United States and two other countries. Not all sites are available at all times because facilities often contract with multiple academic programs and have limited numbers of students they can accept per year. The Office of Experiential Learning works with the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator to establish contracts between the facility and Ithaca College and to update the information on the Internship Database. Students are responsible for transportation, housing, and personal expenses when completing fieldwork.

Access the HSHP Fieldwork Database

Access our internship database to select from hundreds of available sites for fieldwork placements or internships. If you require assistance, please contact the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator for guidance.

Fieldwork Choice Days (Preferences and Lottery)

In the junior year, you will choose your Level I adult and pediatric fieldworks and both Level II fieldwork experiences from a list of available sites on Fieldwork Choice Days. The student cohort will provide the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator with information about their preferred geographical areas and specific sites of interest after browsing the Internship Database. 

Students will draw a number that will designate their order for choosing sites on Fieldwork Choice Days; separate numbers will be drawn for each Level I and Level II fieldwork. Students will have access to the list of available fieldwork sites prior the Fieldwork Choice Days to review site information and student feedback. 

Specialty/elective sites are chosen in the fall of the graduate year after completion of the first Level II fieldwork. Students work individually with the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator to find a placement that meets their personal and professional development goals as an emerging entry-level therapist.  

Requesting New Fieldwork Sites

The fieldwork office is continually developing new sites. Students may request that the fieldwork office contact a facility they are interested in by completing a New Site Development form available from the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator. This process can take a long time and students should plan accordingly with the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator when considering a new site.

Interested in being a fieldwork site?

Rita Daly, Academic Fieldwork Coordinator
321A Smiddy Hall
Ithaca College
953 Danby Road
Ithaca, NY 14850

607-274-3055 (fax)