Internal Transfer Student Policy and Procedures

Internal transfer applicants are selectively admitted into the occupational science/occupational therapy program.

Current Ithaca College students may apply to transfer into the occupational science/occupational therapy program as a second semester first year student or as a sophomore if space is available. Submitting an application will notify the department of a student’s intent on transferring, but does not guarantee admission into the program.

Academic Requirements for Internal Transfer

In order to be considered for transfer into the occupational science/occupational therapy program, the student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 with grades of C or better in all science courses, including chemistry and biology.

Application Requirements

The following items are required for the application process:

  1. A completed application form

  2. Two letters of recommendation: 1 personal (excluding friends and family members) and 1 academic (excluding OT faculty)

  3. Personal essay describing how your life experiences have contributed to your interest in a career in occupational therapy

  4. Interview with the Department of Occupational Therapy chair and/or Student Affairs Committee


  • Students who inquire about transferring into the occupational science/occupational therapy program will be asked to fill out a “Student Contact Sheet for Prospective Internal Transfer Inquiry ” form and return it to the Occupational Therapy departmental administrative assistant (AA) via email ot@ithaca.edu or the OT office in Smiddy 321.
  • When the inquiry form has been submitted, the departmental AA will provide the student with the “Information Sheet for Internal Transfers” and an “Application Form for Internal Transfers”.
  • The prospective transfer student will complete and submit the application to the department AA and it will be forwarded to the Student Affairs Committee.
  • The department Student Affairs Committee will review the application and interview the applicant with Student Affairs Committee representation.
  • The department chair will review the application within 2 weeks of each deadline (Nov. 1 and April 1). The applicant will be interviewed if the application is complete and the minimal qualifications are met. Notification of the application status (accepted or denied pending space in the program) will be sent within one week of the interview. The final decision for transfer will occur after final grades are posted and the number of available spots is known.
  • In cases where the applicants outnumber the available spots in the program, the department of OT Student Affairs Committee will rank applicants based on a total score using the following indicators:
    • GPA
    • Personal essay
    • Interview
    • Letters of recommendation (LOR)
    • Extracurricular/community activities/honors/awards