Go to the HSHP Office of Experiential Learning website http://www.ithaca.edu/hshp/explearning/
Click on the “Internship Database” link at the bottom of the left hand column

To log into the database:

  • use your Student ID#
  • the password is the same for all students and is case sensitive – hshp

You can narrow your search the database by entering:

  • Site name
  • City
  • State
  • or you can click the search button without adding any additional information to see all possible sites

To learn more about a site, click on its name from the generated list. If you entered the site name directly into the search page, it will take you to the same information.
For each site, you can see:

  • General information about the site - site ID#, address, contact info
  • General requirements of the site
  • Health prerequisites necessary for completing a fieldwork at the site
  • Background check and drug screening requirements (if any)
  • Information regarding available housing (if any)
  • Information regarding transportation in the area
  • Files - currently this area holds documents related to the site that have been uploaded to the database by any program in HSHP affiliated with that site.

To view your personal fieldwork placement history – click on the “My Placement History” link at the top of the search page. This provides a listing of your past and current placements including dates. You can also link directly to site information from this list.