Health Promotion and Physical Education

Hands-on educational experiences to complement your classroom learning

Health Promotion Majors

Health Care Management, Health Sciences, Public & Community Health

Fieldwork, Internships, and Research

The fieldwork, internship, and research requirements apply to students with any of the following health promotion majors:

  • Health Care Management

  • Health Sciences (nutrition, planned clinical, or premedical)

  • Public and Community Health

Course Requirements

Students must complete a total of 6 credits from any combination of the following courses:

  • HLTH 34900 Fieldwork in Health
    (.5-6 credits)
  • HLTH 44900 Internship in Health
    (6-12 credits)
  • HLTH 45300 Supervised Research (limited up to 3 credits) 

Application Process

Complete the appropriate petition form here:

Fieldwork and Internship Petition Form

Internships must be approved by the internship coordinator and the HSHP Office of Experiential learning in advance. Retroactive credit is not provided.

If you desire to complete fieldwork at a site that is not already on an approved list, the process can take longer so start the process early and be prepared that the site may not be eligible to host you for fieldwork or an internship.

There is an organizational meeting held once a semester regarding the fieldwork and internship process. Students are notified about the meeting by email by the HPPE Department. If you are not able to attend, you are responsible for requesting a meeting with Julie Boles, Internship Coordinator, to obtain the information.

Teaching Preparation Majors

Health Ed, Physical Ed, Health & Physical Education

Application Process

Complete an application, which can obtained from the HPPE Department Office. The application is reviewed by the teacher education committee, and then the placement is determined. The student is then informed about the placement.

HPPE Coaching Minor

Application Process

The coaching minor requires 1 credit in PHED 34900 Fieldwork in Physical Education. Complete the petition form:

Fieldwork and Internship Petition Form

Note that the coaching minor internship is coordinated by Dr. Hongwei Guan. Please submit the completed petition form to hguan@ithaca.edu or call (607) 274-3129 with questions.


Julie Boles
Internship Coordinator
G38 Hill Center
Ithaca College
953 Danby Road
Ithaca, NY 14850