ICC Quick Summary

The Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) is the set of liberal arts requirements that comprise the common academic experience for all Ithaca College students. The program is designed to help students develop skills in integrative thinking, critical and analytical problem solving, and reflective learning. All three of these skills have been identified by both employers and professional societies as essential for success in 21st century personal and professional life.

The quick summary below provides an overview of the ICC requirements in their entirety. For detailed information about each requirement, please see additional information sections (e.g., themes, diversity, writing) on the left side of this page. The total number of unique credits required to complete the ICC will range from 28-45, depending on the specific requirements of the major program and the courses each student elects to complete. Click here for a one page visual summary of ICC requirements.

Ithaca Seminar (4 credits)

An interdisciplinary liberal arts course that supports the academic and social transition to Ithaca College. All students will complete one of the seminars during their first semester. Ithaca Seminars numbered 10800 and 11800 are equivalent to WRTG 10600.

Themes and Perspectives (12 credits)

Students will complete 12 credits of coursework focused on one of six themes: Identities; Inquiry, Imagination, and Innovation; Mind, Body, Spirit; Power & Justice; Quest for a Sustainable Future; or World of Systems. Themes and Perspectives courses may not apply toward a student's major program. The four themed perspectives are Creative Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences.


Academic Writing (WRTG 10600) (3 credits) You may fulfill this requirement by completing WRTG 10600 at Ithaca College, by AP credit (score of 4 or 5), transfer credit for WRTG 10600, or successful completion of ICSM 10800-xx or ICSM 11800-xx. Academic Writing is a pre-requisite for writing intensive courses.

Diversity (3 credits) You may fulfill this through any designated course within the major, minor, themes and perspectives, or electives.

Quantitative Literacy (3 credits) You may fulfill this through any designated course within the major, minor, themes and perspectives, or electives.

Writing Intensive (3 credits) You may fulfill this through any designated course within the major, minor, themes and perspectives, or electives.

Complementary Liberal Arts (12 credits)

Specific requirements determined by degree program or school (see Ithaca College 2017-18 catalog for a complete listing by major program).

Capstone (0-4 credits)

ICC Capstone may be taken as a stand-alone course or as a component of a capstone course for your major.

Electronic Learning Portfolio

Each student is required to complete an ICC electronic learning portfolio before graduation. The purpose of the portfolio is for you to document your learning over the course of your time at Ithaca College (and before if you are a transfer student) so that, at the completion of your Ithaca College degree, you can articulate the knowledge, skills, and competencies you have developed through your college experiences. The electronic learning portfolio will be introduced in the Ithaca Seminar course and will be developed over the course of the student's time at Ithaca College, culminating with your ICC capstone experience, where you will pull together what you have learned from the ICC, your major coursework, and other learning experiences. The content of your ICC electronic learning portfolio can be included in professional or other showcase portfolios you wish to develop.

List of Common Acronyms

There are lots of acronyms associated with various IC20/20 related initiatives on campus, so here's an explanation of the most common ones:

IC20/20: Ithaca College's strategic plan that will guide the institution until 2020. The plan includes such things as developing or expanding: the Integrative Core Curriculum, First Year Residential Experience, Academic Advising Center, Center for Faculty Excellence, and Ithaca College's New York City Center.

ICC: The Integrative Core Curriculum, the liberal arts (general education) program required of all IC students. The centerpiece of the ICC is the themes and perspectives sequence, where students take coursework in creative arts, humanities, natural science, and social science, that addresses a significant theme or "big question" such as Power and Justice or Inquiry, Imagination, and Innovation.

ICSM: Ithaca Seminar. Ithaca Seminar courses are designed for first semester students (transfer or new to college) to introduce you both to liberal arts learning and college-level academic expectations and to the resources available to help with transitioning to college and ongoing academic success.

FYRE: First Year Residential Experience. The FYRE provides an on-campus residential experience designed to help first year students connect with Ithaca College and the resources available here.