Students sitting at desks working together in a circle

THE SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES AND SCIENCES strives to advance the study and practice of the liberal arts as the dynamic core of our comprehensive college. We foster creative expression and critical thinking, support collaboration among disciplines and between faculty and students, and integrate scholastic excellence, disciplinary training, and civic engagement.


Students sitting with laptops in a classroom engaged in conversation

THE SCHOOL OF HUMANITIES AND SCIENCES promotes the reasoned exchange and responsible application of disciplinary knowledge within a global society. Recognizing the endurance and relevance of the liberal arts, our diverse academic programs integrate theory and practice to address the emerging demands of our changing world. As scholars, artists, and mentors, our faculty provides an immersive learning environment grounded in dialogue and collaboration and cultivating in students the critical thinking and personal integrity necessary for academic, professional, and civic life. Because experience tempers knowledge, we encourage our students to learn both inside and outside the classroom. In addition to disciplinary instruction and practice, we offer pedagogically meaningful curricular and co‐curricular activities, such as community‐based learning initiatives and professional internships. These activities embody our belief that the arts and sciences belong to and serve the greater community and that self‐reflection and intellectual advancement should lead to concrete actions that benefit humanity. Knowledge put into practice generates informed citizenship, global awareness, and social investment. The School of Humanities and Sciences prepares students to lead productive and fulfilled lives while working toward a just and sustainable world.

Recommended by the Faculty Senate (3 September 2010) for adoption as the new Vision and Mission Statements for the School of Humanities and Sciences of Ithaca College.