Each year the environmental studies program offers up to six fellowships of $500 to $3,000 to reward students who have completed projects that help advance sustainability on the Ithaca College campus and/or in the greater Ithaca community.

For examples of past projects, please visit the Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences website.

In order to be considered for one of these awards, the applicant must:

  • demonstrate the long-term change impact of her/his project (or potential for long-term change impact)
  • demonstrate the benefit to Ithaca College and/or the greater Ithaca community
  • be able to reflect in writing on how the project has advanced personal and/or professional development
  • be in good academic standing
  • have communicated the outcome of the project in a written or oral presentation

The completed application includes:

  • application form
  • statement of 750–1000 words that includes a response to the prompt “How has our campus or community become more sustainable as a result of your having undertaken this project?”
  • letter of support from faculty/staff/community member

The application deadline for these fellowships is April 1, 2010. For more information, please contact Susan Allen-Gil, chair of the Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences.

*The Environmental Studies and Sciences Department reserves the right to not make an award if no applications are deemed worthy.