Membership qualifications

  • Includes undergraduate, graduate, faculty, alumni, and honorary members
  • Consists of those who are making the study of economics one of their major interests and who are attending an institution where a chapter is located
  • Twelve semester (term) hours of economics with an average grade of at least a B or, in the case of colleges or universities with an Honors Program in Economics, the equivalent of B grade work or better
  • A general average of at least a B
  • Class standing in the upper one-third
  • For institutions that do not have a credit-hour system, a candidate must stand in the upper one-third of the students studying economics and must have completed principles and have studied intermediate economic theory.

Induction: spring semester

The honors program for economics, applied economics, and math-economics majors is designed to encourage in-depth study and research at a level that approaches graduate school.

Honors in Economics