Student Awards and Grants

Students in the School of Humanities and Sciences excel academically, pursuing challenging upper-level courses in their major and minor areas of study and undertaking research and honors projects that reflect their commitment to learning and their desire to extend the knowledge frontier in a wide variety of disciplines.


We also recognize students’ dedication by awarding prizes based on academic excellence and by offering competitive grants to support students who undertake special academic projects. Some of these opportunities are offered at the School level, but most are offered by the departments within the School. Awards and grants attest to the academic accomplishments of our students.

Janet Kalinowski Student Development Fund
The Kalinowski Fund is administered by the Women's and Gender Studies program. It provides small grants for students with an interest in gender and social position to conduct research projects, attend conferences, or participate in other educational opportunities.

C.P. Snow Award
C.P. Snow was a British philosopher, physicist, biographer, novelist, and social critic who believed that communication among mainstream scientists, social scientists, and humanists was the greatest avenue to social progress. Each year, the School of Humanities and Sciences sponsors a lecture series and student award that honor this principle. The C. P. Snow Scholar Award, a $500 gift, is presented to one or two students each year “who have fulfilled C.P. Snow’s vision in their schoolwork and extracurricular activities” by finding a way to bridge the gap between the “two cultures” of the sciences and the humanities.

Emerson Internship

Each year the Emerson Internship Program gives a scholarship award to a student from each school at the College to support a summer internship. All Emerson Internships are credit-bearing, with a one credit minimum, but preferably for three credits or more. The award provides students with up to $750 per internship credit registered, up to a maximum of three credits ($2,250). Student who are eligible will be a rising senior and have completed at least 90 credits by the end of summer 2021 (this summer internship can be counted toward the 90-credit requirement) but rising juniors may also be considered.


H&S supports our students applying to the Goldwater Foundation Scholarship. The purpose of the Goldwater Foundation is to encourage a continuing supply of highly qualified scientists, mathematicians, and engineers by awarding scholarships to college students who intend to pursue careers in these fields. Scholarships cover the cost of tuition, fees, books, and room and board up to a maximum of $7,500 per year.

School of Humanities and Sciences Dean’s Award
Four awards are given annually to graduating seniors who matriculated at Ithaca College in their freshman year and who have achieved the highest GPA in their discipline (Fine Arts, Humanities, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Social and Behavioral Sciences). Award winners attend a luncheon in their honor with the Dean and members of her staff at which each recipient receives a plaque and the accolades of the student’s department chair and major and minor adviser(s).