The Prize

The Peter F. and Carol L. Seligmann Memorial Scholarship in Physics' dedication reads: "In honor of Peter and Carol's love of learning and dedication to students, this award is presented annually in recognition of outstanding academic achievements in the Department of Physics at Ithaca College.”


Awarded annually to a rising sophomore, junior, or senior who is a declared physics major. Eligible students must demonstrate excellence in physics, as determined by the department chair, and have demonstrated financial need. Preference is given to female students.

Passion for travel, good food, opera, and art. Infectious smiles, creative minds, provocative opinions, and dedicated curiosity. These attributes typified our friends and colleagues, Peter and Carol Seligmann. Peter died peacefully in his sleep on October 26, 2002, and Carol on December 27, 2006. We are greatly saddened by their passing and cherish our memories of them as individuals and together.

Peter’s unique style resonated in the halls of Ithaca College infecting students and faculty alike. His most notorious line is perhaps, "It's just pV to the %#@&ing gamma!" Thermodynamics will forever be etched in our minds.

Carol had a dedication to students of any age whether they were at Belle Sherman Elementary School or graduate students at Cornell University. She also devoted herself to the Ithaca community serving on several boards and commissions.

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