Curriculum: B.S. Degree & Courses

The course requirements for the first two years of the biochemistry major are very similar to the first two years of requirements for biology and chemistry majors. It is, in fact, quite easy and common for students to switch from one of these majors to the other in the first two years.

Students who declare a biochemistry major must complete the following:

  • Principles of Biology: Cell and Molecular
  • Principles of Biology: Ecology and Evolution
  • Principles of Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry I and II 
  • Genetics
  • Quantitative Chemistry
  • Cellular biochemistry elective
  • One semester of Physical Chemistry
  • two semesters, plus an Inquiry-based laboratory elective (all chemistry lab courses at Ithaca College are listed as separate courses rather than being part of the lecture courses)
  • one elective in Biology or Chemistry

During the junior year, majors take Biochemistry: Protein Structure and Function and Biochemistry: Molecular Biology of the Gene lecture.

For the elective requirement in biochemistry, students may combine two block courses (1.5 credits each). These brief courses introduce you to advanced topics often at the intersection of Chemistry and Biochemistry. For example, previous years have included Molecular Dynamics, Medicinal Chemistry, and Bioinorganic Chemistry.  See specific offerings for the coming academic year below.

During the final semester of the senior year, students take Current Topics in Biochemistry. This course is taught by two Ithaca College faculty members, each of whom selects a specific topic of interest. After a series of introductory lectures by each faculty member, the students then give a series of presentations on material from textbooks, articles, and work described in recent scientific papers. Students find this course to be of great value with respect to being able to speak clearly and confidently about scientific matters and understand how advances in science really occur.

Declaring a CLA

All matriculating students must declare a CLA before the end of their 4th semester. 


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