Biochemistry majors need to speak with relevant faculty in the Chemistry and Biology departments each semester.

Each department has a different procedure for matching and registration.


At Ithaca College, we strongly believe in learning-by-doing. Becoming a biochemist is more than work in classrooms. Student research is a vital part of the undergraduate experience at Ithaca College. Students are able to get hands-on experience in faculty research labs by enrolling in BIOC-39000, completing our project-based research course BIOC-41000, doing paid research over the summer, and developing an Honors thesis. As a result, they are able to travel to present their work, as well, as to present locally.

As a Biochemistry major, you have a lot of fantastic options for research.  To help you find your best fit,  speak with faculty.  These casual conversations with faculty can help you consider all of your options quickly. To learn more information about research opportunities with faculty labs, we offer information sessions each semester. Students and faculty directly discuss research opportunities. Read about the various research below:

Honors in Biochemistry is a high achievement demonstrating independence and skill at research as well as strong performance in class. Students may apply for honors to the biochemistry steering committee before the add/drop deadline in the fall semester of their senior year. The year of honors research cumulates in a final written thesis and an open presentation. Honors students work closely with their research advisor and also meet regularly with a panel of faculty to propose their thesis, evaluate progress, and defend their final product. 

Don't forget about satisfying your Inquiry-based lab requirement!

You can complete this through research with a faculty (as BIOC 39000 or equivalent) or the Experimental Biochemistry Lab (BIOC 41000)To register for BIOC 390, you must speak with potential research advisors and get details and approval to join their laboratories.