Professor Maki Inada performing gene research
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All of our research is done in collaboration with undergraduate biochemistry majors.
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Started in 1985, the biochemistry major is jointly administered by the Departments of Chemistry and Biology. Faculty in both departments have expertise in classical biochemistry and in modern biology and genetics. We believe strongly, however, that an undergraduate education in biochemistry should provide students with a broad education in the liberal arts as well as knowledge of all facets of biochemistry. College general education requirements ensure that students are exposed to the humanities, social sciences, and fine arts.

Laboratory aspects of modern biochemistry are covered in the required three-semester sequence in Experimental Chemistry, in the required Genetics and Cell Biology courses. Because our coverage is broad, students who graduate with a degree in biochemistry are qualified to enter graduate programs or medical, dental, and optometry schools and to pursue careers as laboratory technicians or health administrators. We provide a solid base of required courses in biology, chemistry, and biochemistry while at the same time allowing students to pursue their particular interests in advanced courses and in original research. Students who are interested in teaching at the secondary school level can receive a degree in biochemistry and fulfill the requirements for teacher education.

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For more information, contact the chemistry department, the biology department, or a Steering Committee member listed below. In addition, we encourage prospective students to visit the campus and our departments, if possible. We are happy to arrange tours of our facilities and to provide opportunities to meet faculty members and students currently enrolled in our program.

Steering Committee:

  • Maki Inada, Associate Professor, Biology Department
  • Andy Smith, Committee Chair and Professor, Biology Department
  • Andy Torelli, Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department