Cards Across Campuses

Intergenerational Greeting Card Campaign


Cards across Campuses is a IC-LV Partnership program that was started in the Spring of 2021, when the pandemic shut down in-person intergenerational programming between the two campuses. 

Jessica Taves, Longview Coordinator on IC campus, talked and Zoomed with many residents/tenants at Longview who expressed how much they missed seeing the students’ friendly smiles and hearing about all their college adventures. She was also being asked by students and student clubs how they could be more involved at Longview.   

By this time…we were all ZOOMED out!  As someone who loves to write (and receive!) letters and cards in the mail, she challenged the students to write letters to those living at Longview. Over 100 cards were delivered to Longview over the spring and summer—and to much our surprise the response from Longview was overwhelming!  We have decided to continue this card campaign and invite you to participate. 

"Thank you for your note. It is great to know there is someone thinking of you."


Get Involved

Greeting cards

Individuals or groups can reach out to the ICGI to request a greeting card to be sent to an identified individual at Longview.  ICGI will provide a blank greeting card (we take donations of blank cards too!), assigned to a tenant or residents (For privacy reasons, only a first name will be provided).   

You then write a personal message to the card recipient!  It’s that easy!  Residents enjoy hearing about courses being taken or taught, activities and programs you are involved in, your family and what makes you smile or laugh.  The card is then returned to the ICGI (intercampus mail, pick up request) and we will address and mail or hand-deliver to Longview.   

Some residents have expressed in returning the greeting. While most enjoy receiving the card and not becoming a pen-pal or further correspondence, we have set up a system to allow for this. Please be sure to fill out the following form where you can indicate if and what contact information can be shared if requested. 

We thank you for considering the Cards across Campuses and for bringing a warm greeting and smile to our friends at Longview.   

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Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Jessica Valdez-Taves at or 607-274-1051. We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible.