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Core Program Learning Goals
Attain a position in the field of aging or pursue graduate education in gerontology or a related discipline.
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What is Gerontology?

Gerontology (also known as Aging Studies) is the study of the physical, psychological, social, cultural, and other aspects of aging. It includes the examination of changes in adults as they age, the ways that society changes with an aging population, and the ways we apply this information to programs and policies for older adults.

Gerontology is a diverse field with career opportunities in human services, government, health care, business, public health, education, long-term care, and more. Through education, research, and the application of knowledge of the aging process, gerontologists promote the well-being of individuals as they age within families, communities and societies. As a primary field of study or as a complement to study in another discipline, it is a good time to study aging given changing national and global demographic trends and the growth of the older adult population.  

The Gerontology Institute Provides Students with Unique Opportunities

The Gerontology Department offers a B.A. and a B.S. in Aging Studies, as well as a minor in Aging Studies. The department is part of the Gerontology Instituteestablished in 1992 to serve as a campus and community resource that promotes and supports research, curriculum development, community education, and community service activities. The Gerontology Institute manages the long-standing partnership with Longviewa local independent and assisted living community near the college. Each year more than 700 Ithaca College students and more than 65 faculty and staff engage in hundreds of intergenerational activities made possible through the IC/Longview Partnership.

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