Teacher Education in English

Welcome to the Teacher Education program in the English Department!

Have you ever had a teacher who made you excited about learning? Did reading and writing open doors for you? Do you want to make a difference in the life of a young person?  Do you believe that strong reading and writing skills are a springboard for personal success?  If so, English Education might be the right field for you.

English Education is a thriving area of study at Ithaca College because it allows you to combine your love of reading and writing with the professional preparation to communicate that love to others and to empower adolescents to take charge of their lives.

Students in our program gain a broad range of content knowledge in literature, as well as the theoretical foundation for teaching literary analysis, critical thinking, writing, and communicating. We get you into the classroom early in your academic career to help you make the connection between the theory and the practical skills and strategies that will enable you to be a successful secondary educator. You will be out observing in public schools in your very first education course. We also keep the student-teaching class small and intimate, to make sure you get the individual attention you need and to help us match you with just the right cooperating teacher for your student teaching experience.

One of the most exciting events for English Education majors is the Urban Education Experience.  Ithaca College has had a partnership with the Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem for over a decade.  After developing and practicing lesson plans, the class travels to Manhattan to teach for three to five days.  English Education students consistently describe the time they spend teaching in New York City -- where they also watch Broadway plays for ideas about teaching drama and scour world-class museums to learn about teaching research projects -- as a transformative experience.

If you have questions about English Education at Ithaca College, please check out the course list by clicking on the “Academic Programs” link above, or e-mail me at ebleicher@ithaca.edu.

Elizabeth Bleicher
Assistant Professor of English
Coordinator of English Education

“We in the Ithaca High School English department have had a long and satisfying relationship with the Ithaca College education program. We have found the IC student teachers to be hard-working, well prepared, innovative, and anxious to learn. We have liked some so much that we have offered them jobs. . . .  We currently have four IC graduates in our department, and are thrilled to have them. Our experience with IC student teachers is so strong that it is difficult for other colleges to get placements with us. I am also impressed with the way IC administrators and instructors have worked collaboratively with us to make their student teacher preparation more effective.”

-- Ken Pickens, chair, English department, Ithaca High School

M.A.T. in English

The English Department now offers a Master of Arts in Teaching degree with a concentration in English. Graduate courses in English offered annually that are required in the program are:

ENGL 52000 Seminar in English Language Arts.

ENGL 53000 Seminar in World Literature.

ENGL 57000 Seminar in American Literature.

For additional information about the M.AT. program's admission requirements, application procedures, graduate assistantships, and curricular highlights, follow these two links:  Department of Education, Graduate Programs main page and Division of Graduate Studies, Education main page.